Our Night Walk

We are a company of guides specialized in night tours, looking for the exceptional biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula, southwest Costa Rica. Night walk is the perfect option to combine with a Corcovado hike!

ARE YOU EXCITED AT THE IDEA OF DISCOVERING the extraordinary night life that takes place in the jungle while the village is fast asleep? Curious to see the strange world that has always inhabited your dreams and fantasies? Or is it just the desire to meet up with one of the many animals living in the forest, to experience an unforgettable face to face?

WE LEAVE FROM PUERTO JIMENEZ, where we will have the pleasure of greeting you and organizing your night walk in the jungle with one of our multilingual guides. We will provide quality headlights and your transport if necessary. As soon as night falls, you will find yourself in a magnificent natural reserve at the edge of the Corcovado National Park, only 15 minutes from Puerto Jimenez.

YOU WILL WALK through different ecosystems between jungle covered mountains, lagoons and rivers. You may see animal species, such as the famous red eyed tree frog, the cute kinkajou, the incredible armadillo, the fascinating tarantula, the ocelot (on lucky nights), various reptiles and amphibians and, most of all, little and big surprises!

Pricing & Infos

$25/child (5-12)

      Private forest reserve
➙      Multilingual guides
➙      Headlamps provided
      Pick-up at your hotel
➙      15 min from Puerto Jimenez
➙      Transport provided (extra cost)
➙      Schedule: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Yes, perfectly! You can hike in the Corcovado National Park and do the Face to Face Night Walk the same day. You will be able to see the two faces of the jungle and dicover it in a total different way!

Night walks in the Corcovado National Park are prohibited. The jungles of the Osa Peninsula shelter the same biodiversity inside and outside of the park. The Face to Face Night Walk takes place in a beautiful private forest reserve, less than 15 min from Puerto Jimenez! This easy access is the best way to enjoy your stay in the Osa Peninsula and discover as much as you can in a short time.

Sure! This is a lifetime experience and they will love it.  But they stay under your responsability.

Wear dark clothes, hiking shoes with long socks, or boots but sneakers will do. You can also bring mosquito repellent. We provide quality headlamps.

Payment should be made in cash before the tour. We accept US dollars and Costa Rican colones.


We will not charge anything for making a reservation but please note that you need to confirm your presence at least 48h before the tour.